What do we do?

In sports!

Changing the world through sports

Our goal is to make sports inclusive, accessible and genderless. Since the beginning, the sports field has been designed to cater the needs of cis-gendered persons. Through this program we want to break the stereotypes and allow everyone access to sports!

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D&I in the workplace

Sensitizing the ecosystem of sports

The workplace is also a sphere where the focus usually remains on for cis-gender activities! For decades, the trans* community have been neglected and discriminated against but we plan to give everyone equal opportunity!

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National Exhibition

We sensitize folks city by city, holding exhibition matches and spreading awareness through representation and dialogue.


Training and Coaching

With our partners BBFS and their national training centre network, we provide free of cost training and coaching to trans* football players & enthusiasts.


More Opportunities

We also plan to launch programs to take inclusivity one step further by providing permanent jobs at training centres! Our goal is to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity.

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